PhD students

  • Alaa Abu Srhan (Generative Adversarial Networks modelling with transfer learning for medical image analysis)
  • Waref Al Manaseer (Arabic language diacritization using restricted Boltzmann machine)
  • Bara’a Alhammad (Deep residual neural networks in digital pathology workflow for breast cancer prognosis)
  • Abdullah Zaqebah (An enhanced population-based nature-inspired technique for anomaly detection applications)

MSc students

  • Feda Beqain (Histopathological web diagnosis system for prostate cancer)
  • Mu’nis Qasaymeh (Breast cancer grading for unlabelled data using crowdscouring)
  • Hani Ayyoub (Personlaized learning style identification using data mining and machine intelligence)

Visiting researchers

Past PG students

  • Safaa Al-Haj Saleh
  • Nada Misk
  • Nicolas Gallego-Ortiz