Computational Imaging Group

PhD students

  • Fatima Haimour (Unsupervised Medical Image Translation for Lesion Semantic Segmentation)
  • Bara’a Alhammad (Deep Residual Neural Networks in Digital Pathology Workflow for Breast Cancer Prognosis)
  • Abdullah Zaqebah (An Enhanced Population-based Nature-inspired Technique for Anomaly Detection Applications) [1]
  • Israa Al Badarneh (An Attention-Based Transformer Model for Arabic Image Captioning)

MSc students

  • Mohammad Alqawasmi (Detecting Face Tampering in Videos using DeepFake Forensics)
  • Ala Wrikat (Cross-Banks Horizontal Federated Learning Framework for Cyber Threat Intelligence)
  • Jamileh Azzam (A Multi-factor Authentication Framework for the Cloud)

Visiting researchers

  • Dr Faraz Janan (Senior lecturer – University of Lincoln, UK, now at Imperial College London)

Past PG students

  • Alaa Abu Srhan (Generative Adversarial Networks Modelling with Transfer Learning for Medical Image Analysis) [1, 2]
  • Waref Al Manaseer (Arabic language diacritization using restricted Boltzmann machine) [1]
  • Eman Nasser (An optimised feature selection for fishing websites detection)
  • Feda Beqain (Histopathological web diagnosis system for prostate cancer)
  • Mu’nis Qasaymeh (Breast cancer grading for unlabelled data using crowdscouring)
  • Hani Ayyoub (Personlaized learning style identification using data mining and machine intelligence)
  • Safaa Al-Haj Saleh (Histopathological prostate tissue gland segmentation for automated diagnosis) [1, 2]
  • Nada Misk (Automatic detection of unusual crowd behavior in real-time video surveillance systems)
  • Nicolas Gallego-Ortiz