Document Analysis & Recognition (Lecture notes*)

Course syllabus
Ch7 & 8

Important announcement: In the unforeseen condition of the coronavirus outbreak, all lectures will go online and via the e-learning platform. Screencasts (narrated videos) will be uploaded consecutively to my homepage and the e-learning platform. Students are kindly requested to get in contact with me for any assistance.
Take care and stay safe

Announcement 2: An online quiz (10 marks) will be held on 22nd July (quiz duration 10 mins) at 8:30 am. Quiz topics will be Chapter1, Chapter2 (slides 10-15, 19-37), Chapter3 (slides 1-29), and related Matlab implementation.

Announcement 3: First quiz marks can be seen here.

Announcement 4: Insha Allah the second quiz would be a hands on (practical) programming test. The Matlab required topics would be till the end of Chapter 3 (spatial filtering). Quiz duration is 15 mins – starts 9:30 am. Please read the exam question carefully: you have to save the image before and after processing along with the Matlab code to a word document and then convert to PDF. The e-learning system will accept only one PDF submission. Please note that the system rejects any submission after the cutoff time. The quiz link will appear on the e-learning platform on the day of the test.

For this week 7:


Week 6:


Week 5:


Week 4:

  • Frequency filtering:
    • One-Dimensional Fourier transform numerical example (example, cat2pol, example2)
    • Calculating 1-D Fourier transform and deriving magnitude and phase angle of frequency domain spectrum (mfile1, mfile2)
    • Two-Dimensional frequency domain filtering (mfile3)
  • Quiz: take the quiz, click here.
  • Project submission: upload your project by clicking here.


Week 3:

All 4 parts can be download in one piece. (large file 158MB)


Week 2:

Screencasts for image enhancement in spatial domain have been uploaded to the e-learning platform. You may also view and download the videos from the following links:

Week 1:


(*Source textbook: R. Gonzalez, R. E. Woods, Digital Image Processing, 4th Ed.,Prentice Hall, 2018)