I completed my PhD from the University of Sussex, England, in Biomedical Engineering at the BioInformatics & Machine Learning Lab. Before coming to the UK, I did my MSc at the University of Canberra, Australia, and the BSc in Biomedical Engineering at Cairo University, Egypt.

Currently I am a professor at the University of Jordan. I was a Fulbright Scholar in 2017 at the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at Yale University. I was also a visiting professor at the MIP lab within the Institute of BioEngineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Lausanne (EPFL) from 2015-2016. Previously, I worked as a research fellow at the University of Oxford (BioMedia lab at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering during the period 2013-2015), and was a visiting researcher at the University of Surrey (Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing in 2011).

My work is mainly concerned with computational image analysis and machine learning, with particular interest in computer-aided diagnosis for improving tissue characterization and understanding of tumor behavior. I am also interested in fractal theory and how it can be devoted to derive nature-inspired algorithms for biological vision and modelling. In the realm of artificial intelligence in medince, I co-organised special issues on Computational Radiomics for Cancer Characterization, and Cancer Imaging and Image-directed Interventions. My work done in biomedical imaging covered CT and ultrasound modalities for problems such as assessing tumor aggressiveness and response to treatment, automatic liver and left ventricle segmentation; and tumor grading and segmentation in microscopic imaging. Research was reported in more than 55 publications in journals and conference proceedings, 1 co-edited book and 8 book chapters. السيرة الذاتية

Participations and Activities

Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy Instructor (2019) Amman, Jordan.
Publons Academy mentor (2020) Online.
IEEEXtreme programming competition proctor (2020) Online.
IEEE technical English instructor (2010) Abu Dhabi Men’s College, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Enterprisers (2008) University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
International student ambassador (2002) University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia.
Trainee at King Hussien Medical Center (1998) Royal Medical Services, Amman, Jordan.