Spring 2021
Document Analysis & Recognition (UG)
Linear Algebra for Data Science & AI (UG)
Web Data Visualization (PG)

Office hours: Online – Tue & Thu: 12:30-1:30. 
Graduation projects:  Online – send an e-mail to arrange for an appointment.
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Previous terms
Research Methodology (PG)
Web Application Security (PG)
Information Security & Privacy (UG) 
Information Resource Management (UG)
Web Application Development 1 – XHTML, CSS & JS (UG)
Web Application Development 2 – PHP (UG)
Web Publishing – ASP.NET (UG) 
Discrete Mathematics (UG)
Computing Essentials (UG)
Computer Graphics (UG)
Social Media (UG)

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Computational Imaging Group
Postgraduate supervision

Funded projects